Why Choose Us?

Locksmiths indeed play essential roles in everybody’s life. Nowadays, they have various skills and can specialize in commercial, residential or automotive services. But, no matter what you want them to fix or install for you, it is imperative to choose them carefully. Because not all that glitters is gold, here is why you should choose 245 Service above all else.

Licensed & Insured

To have a skill is one thing and to use the skill safely is another. Being able to repair locks and duplicate keys are the basics, but professional locksmiths are certified and licensed for much more. Having followed industry standards and satisfied the conditions of the authorities, we are a licensed team of technicians. It rarely happens but should anything go awry while we are working on your property, you need not fret. Our insurance coverage will take care of everything.

Professionalism & Patience

In the world of locksmiths, speed is everything. But there is no reason for rushed, lazy, rude and botched work from technicians. Amateurs would show some of all of these traits, but reputable companies remain professional and well-tempered. Locksmiths, however being time-sensitive people, ought to be patient. Looking out for calm, understanding and attention to detail that is customary of a true artisan? Then, it would be best if you worked with us because we offer nothing less than kind and expert customer service.

Always here for you

Outside The Box Thinking

It goes without saying that a professional locksmith needs to think outside the box every now and then. Whether it is during helping with a lockout or giving home security upgrade options as advice, they need to continually think in the paradigms of a technician, the property owner, a burglar and even a child. It is our job to provide solutions to problems, but we also help homeowners access the security of their spaces. Locksmiths need to be receptive to new methods rather than being attached to a single solution.

Clear & Fair Estimates

Pricing ought to be consistent, transparent, and fair from the jump to the end of your locksmith transaction. Due to the relatively loose nature of the industry, some locksmiths charge higher than usual for unsuspecting customers. But, typically, you should not welcome surprise fees or emergency markups. Ensure you cross-check the website, dispatcher and locksmith against one another to be sure you are in the right hands.

We're Owls And Not

Owls function best when everyone else is asleep, in the quiet and calm of night. Locksmiths are owls and not. That means whenever you call them; they will show up, whether it is 11 PM on a Friday or 2 AM on a Sunday. Nevertheless, we will serve you during the day if that is what you need, and do it with equal efficiency. Just the way we would arrive at your house for a lockout solution, we will show up fast for a lock overhaul. That is what makes us dependable.