Safes Locksmith

Forget your door locks, window seals and an endless copy of keys; a safe is the one place where even tech-forward burglars won’t be able to access your home or business.

Whether you are looking to hide cash, stash gold or secure personal belongings, personal vaults have become somewhat a mainstay within the modern-day physical security sphere.

Use Professionals Only

Like your locks and every other aspect of your physical security, safes require attention. They don’t run on angelic grace, neither are they powered by a metaphysical supernova. Safes are made up of mechanical components, and for the electronic models, digital features are thrown into the mix.

Before we go on, it would be remiss if we didn’t tell you this: not all locksmiths specialize in safes. Each has their own areas of concentration; safe moves and sales are not always a standard service.

As such, a good number of mobile-only locksmiths do not have the required experience, expertise or license to maintain your vault or repair it. Neither do they have the tools needed to diagnose and solve its problems. Well, safes are an entirely different ballgame, so it is best to not fall into the hands of quacks posing as veterans.

But for an encompassing company like 245 Service, having safe locksmiths on board is part of the business. We have the experience, trustworthy, licensed and customer satisfaction-oriented technicians on board. They can come to meet you anywhere you are and get the job done quickly.

Don’t Neglect To Service The Safe

Maintaining your safe can never be overemphasized. It is crucial to keep it in good health, being that they are made up of mechanical parts. Nevertheless, safe owners can be thoughtless of this, perhaps because they feel they do not use their safes every day.

Do not wait until you encounter a problem before calling in a safesmith. Lack of maintenance increases the chances of getting locked out of the vault, and that could happen when you need it the most. Create the habit of surviving it regularly, perhaps twice a year, and rest assured.

Bolting Is Also Essential

In the same way you anchor the furniture in your living space, you will want to bolt down your safe. Despite the fact they are quite a heavy bunch, safes can be risky around children and prone to burglary.

But when you bolt the safe down, it cannot be removed from your home without expert help. In most cases, you may buy a home with a safe still intact. Nevertheless, a professional safesmith can move it if you need it.

Work With Us

Before giving us a call, try to troubleshoot yourself if the problem is related to wiring. That is, when you notice that your keypad is not turning the bolts. If they do not turn, it does not translate to the wiring being really damaged or frayed.

Maybe the keypad has been disconnected, or the batteries have been depleted. Diagnose the problem yourself, and if you can’t wrap your head around it, we’d be happy to help in the shortest possible time.