Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith Los Angeles

Every homeowner deserves to be safe in their own property, alongside their family. But what happens when your keys go unexplainably missing, or your locks mysteriously break? Well, being susceptible to burglars, trespassers, and unwanted guests is a looming threat in such situations. To prevent the occurrence of untoward events, it is best to have a residential locksmith company like 245 Service on your speed dial.

When Do You Need Our Services?

There are several reasons you should hire a professional residential locksmith service provider. If you have lost your keys to chance or thieves, these locksmiths can have them changed and replaced. If your locking mechanism is faulty, broken or has been tampered with, upgrading your locks as part of the security improvement process is advised.

In Emergency Cases

We are fully aware that accidents are not employees, and as such, do not fall into the 9-5 working category. They can come at any time, especially when you least expect it. The goods news is, this is where professional residential locksmiths like us strut our stuff. With our help, you can quickly get back into your home in no time. We enable you to have pros on-site almost immediately for different projects, even after an attempted break-in.

Upgrades & Installations

Residential locksmiths are wizards when it comes to updating locks, keys and electronic security systems. If you have newly built or bought a property, you can as well have new locks installed and use keys that are up to standard. Professional services like those of 245 Service can install screen-based security, video surveillance, intercoms, and sliding door locks for further protection against relentless intruders.


Locks, keys and electronic security systems aren’t immortals. In spite of the promised longevity of service, they will one day come down with someone if they are not taken care of from time to time. How else do you check if your systems are working properly apart from calling in a residential locksmith? Yearly checkups are just about enough to make sure your home hasn’t become less secured or more susceptible to external attacks.

Lock Replacement

Once there are signs that your locks or keys are old or damaged, they need to be replaced with immediate effect. Not only can they leave your home vulnerable, but also increases the chances of you getting locked out of your own property. We can recommend using reliable locks and deadbolts for more protection. You can trust 245 Service to source all the hardware and install them safely, appropriately and quickly.

Bespoke Services

Do you have a unique security design in mind? Do you want custom-made locks and keys? We can make it happen. All you need to do is tell us what we have in mind, and we bring in our wealth of expertise to bring your ideas to life. Should you want to step your existing security system up a notch with customized tweaks, it remains our mandate to get it done for you as well.