Locks Rekey

Locks Rekey Los Angeles

Rekeying simply entails opening a lock and changing the tumblers in the cylinder, ultimately preventing the existing keys from working. Herein, the pins and springs inside the locks are removed and replaced with new ones. Effectively, the lock will only accept a unique key assigned to the said components. For professional locksmiths like 245 Service, it a straightforward process that comes with many benefits.

Why Should I Rekey My Locks?

If you just moved into a newly rented or recently bought apartment and cannot afford to change the entire locks, for now, you can simply rekey them. That way, the locks stay the same, but the keys that open them become different, rendering older keys useless just in case they are still in unauthorized hands.

Or, if you are a landlord or landlady with tenants that just moved out, you may want to make sure that possibly cut spare keys do not come back to bite by rekeying the locks. If someone you previously trusted with your keys has walked out of your life (perhaps in a divorce or breakup), rekeying is also advised to prevent unwanted incidents.

If your keys have been stolen or misplaced, you can rekey your locks rather than changing everything from scratch. Besides, you can rekey all your locks to use the same key, so you don’t need to move around with a bunch of iron jingling with every move you make.

Benefits Of Rekeying Your Locks

When it comes to improving home and business security, rekeying locks makes the cut. The main benefit is that it is faster and a lot cheaper than replacing every single lock in your home or business. What’s more, the effect is just the same.

It’s inevitable that if you have a litany of locks to replace, rekeying is going to be more cost-effective than attending to each of them. It is also a quicker process than needing to yank off all the old locks and then installing fresh ones.

Once you are done rekeying your locks, you have taken back control of your home’s security parallels. You will be at liberty to choose who you can give a copy of the new keys to just in case an emergency arises in future. This way, you don’t have an unusual number of keys following you around.

So Rekeying Works Every Time?

Not quite. If your locks are broken, outdated or dysfunctional, rekeying won’t make much difference because hundred percent security will never be achieved. The ideal thing to do is calling for a full lock facelift to restore security to your home or business.

It isn’t also worth it to rekey if you’d rather let go of the keys altogether. If the keys look old fashioned, weak or easily bent, you might want to switch to a lock that best matches not just your needs, but your lifestyle. Besides, locks are not meant to last a lifetime.

Nevertheless, if you are unsure which option is best for both the situation and your property, you can take professional advice from a 245 Service residential or commercial locksmith. Definitely, trying to DIY isn’t worth it because you run the risk of causing damage to the lock, leaving your home or business prone to break-ins.