Locks Change

Locks Change Los Angeles

Believe it that door locks are the first line of defence for every home and business. Likewise, the front door is one of the most common entry points for burglars. It is pertinent to use effective locks to secure your doors. But locks, like most other things, do not work forever. As per changing them, when is the best time to do so?

Moving In

Whether you just rented a new apartment or bought a new property, moving into a new place can be exciting. But amidst the fanfare, do not forget one of the first most important things you need to do: change your locks.

If you are renting the apartment, you wouldn’t want to play hide and seek with the old tenants and the people they might have entrusted their keys to. In as much as landlords are mandated to collect all the keys, they often fall back to the assumption that the incoming occupant would change the locks- which makes sense.

Lost Or Stolen Keys

When you can’t find your keys, it’s either you have misplaced them, or they got stolen in a way you can’t possibly explain. Regardless, if you know you can’t retrieve it before nightfall, it is wise to change or replace your locks, You never know where the keys might have landed, possibly in the wrong hands waiting for the perfect time to milk it for what it’s got.

Do not let so much time pass with the hopes of recovering the keys. It really isn’t worth it. One cannot compare the price of losing keys and changing locks to having the valuables in your property carted away so easily. Not to talk of the danger associated with unauthorized access. As another layer of protection, it is best not to have your home address on your keys or keyring.

After A Break-in Attempt

One day, you arrive home late in the afternoon only to discover that your locks have been dismantled or almost wriggled off. What could be worse? The intruders actually got into your house and collected valuables. Hopefully, they didn’t because they heard a police siren and cleared the area.

Whether they succeeded or not, the first thing to do is arrange for your locks to be changed; that’s even before you enter the house. In cases as mere as damaged locks only, your home remains susceptible to more attempts, until the burglars finally hit the jackpot. Moreover, this might also be the best time to increase the overall security of your home, not just changing the locks.

Call 245 Locksmiths

Because this is both an emergency situation and a significant project, settling for less should be out of the question. Work only with professional, licensed and trustworthy locksmiths who can give your security system the much-needed fix and facelift to safeguard you, your family and your assets from the prying hands of local mongers. We arrive on-site on time, diagnose the problem and offer quick but effective solutions.