House Lockout

House Lockout Los Angeles

If you have never been locked out of your car or place of business, there’s a chance you have been locked out of your living space. Because we don’t plan for these things to happen, it can feel frustrating, especially when you have kids, pets or essential assets that need immediate attention.

Because we care about our clients before anything else, we will tell you how to avoid these situations and possible things you can do when you have such emergencies.

Call Your Landlord

Are you on rent? If yes, great. Call your landlord when you get locked out of your apartment. Lessors are supposed to have a master or spare key to their buildings in case of such emergencies. If they do not direct keys to the rooms for your own safety, they might have access to other rooms through which you can get into your house and retrieve your keys.

Call A Locksmith

Did your efforts to contact your landlord or caretaker prove abortive? Not to worry. That’s not the end of the line. Locksmiths are next in line to help. In fact, calling a locksmith is one of the easiest and most effective ways to regain access to your home. They have the equipment and expertise to dismantle those locks and unlock your doors. Plus, they don’t cause damage.

Go Smart With Your Locks

For those willing to spend a little more to avoid the problem altogether, an ideal preventive measure is installing smart lock systems. They can be unlocked without keys, so that removes the risks of dropping or misplacing your keys. Some of them come with combo locks, fingerprint scanners and eye-scanning systems, making it easy for you to enter and exit your home without having to insert, twist and pull.

Get A Keyless Doorknob

By changing your front doorknob to a keyless one, you will be able to lock the house using the deadbolt from the outside. That’s something which makes sure you can never forget your keys inside because, without them, you won’t be able to lock up. Having two locks on the door is better than using one, but the knob hardly adds any security, unlike a deadbolt. With two deadbolts and a keyless doorknob, you are protected both against lockouts and burglars.

Stash The House Key Somewhere

It is old-fashioned, but it still works, not to mention comfortable. If you know that the on-the-go lifestyle can sometimes be overwhelming for you, it would be best to take precautions. It is best to avoid hiding the key in places easy to find, but stashing in the correct places significantly increases your chances of getting back into your house without using punitive measures. You can stash the key in fake ornaments or hide it in your garden.

Well, if you don’t fancy going through all of this stress, there are two things you can do: upgrade your security system with smart tech or have an emergency locksmiths service like 245 on your speed dial.