Emergency Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith Los Angeles

It would be priceless if we could predict the future. There will be no room for surprising tire blowouts and accidental damages of household appliances. In the long run, we’d all be saving a great deal of money.

But, unfortunately, foretelling is a pipe dream, which means there will come a day when you will get yourself mysteriously locked out of your own house or car. Emergencies. The word itself is urgent, and that’s why we are here to serve you when you need us the most.


You’re not alone if you have ever locked your car keys inside your vehicle. Fact is, 4 million people in the United States experience car lockouts annually. Such incidents can occur at home, on vacation or during a trip down to a grocery store.

Should the situation not warrant a 922 call, an emergency locksmith is the next best thing. Not only can we help you unlock your car, but also replace your lost keys and repair broken locks. Best of all, 245 Service offers mobile locksmith services that can meet you anywhere.

Forgotten Safe Combos

Imagine having the opportunity to finally sell your piece of gold for a handsome price, but getting locked out of your safe because you have forgotten your combination. While the clock is ticking on that life-changing deal, your vault is busy malfunctioning. You could believe it’s Murphy’s Law at work, but in such cases, you need an emergency locksmith service.

Nowadays, an increasing number of people choose electronic safes over the traditional types. Electronic safes eliminate the requirements for a physical key, but they have their own pack of issues, chief of which is human forgetfulness. If you want to get that asset the same day, we would be able to help you out in an instant.

Right Solutions

It might make sense to call a handyman or seemingly glorified technician off the nearest local district when you want something fixed fast. If you could assess the database of such deals and discover how many of them have gone south, you’d realize that hiring non-professionals in one of the unwisest split-second decisions you can make.

Certified, licensed, well-trained and insured emergency locksmith services like 245 Service can provide you with the right solutions to your lock system issues. We’ll ease your worries about the costly possibilities of dealing with these mistakes, rather than further complication issues like unprofessional technicians would.

Immediate Results

Emergencies need quick solutions more than anything else. As such, bringing in emergency locksmith services helps you rest assured that your lock-related problems will be resolved quickly and efficiently. That’s the kind of service you get when you work with professionals. Besides, they can get the job done without causing damage to your property.

Do you need to get into your home ASAP? “Now” is our watchword for such situations because we understand that our clients need to get on with their day and be productive. Our technicians know the easiest and most efficient ways to turn things around.