Car Key Replacement

It’s not an isolated happenstance because we have all been in the same situation. You are ready to get in your automobile, only to find an empty spot in your pocket where your key is supposed to be. Losing your car keys can be stressful, especially if you are not around your home. Nevertheless, we are here to help you get back into your four-wheeler as soon as possible.

Confirm That The Key Is Really Lost

It may sound bizarre asking you to make sure the key is actually lost, but we know why we are doing so. A lot of people can’t differentiate between losing something and misplacing it. If the key is lost, you are never going to get it back. But if you misplaced it, there are chances that you can retrieve it later.

Please do your best: scour the areas you feel you could have left or dropped it. You will save yourself some money and time if you can find it. Nevertheless, if it doesn’t turn up after a thorough search, our automotive locksmiths are at the ready.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Going down this road can be expensive, and keys are sometimes not covered by insurance providers. Moreover, it could depend on the particular circumstances around which you lost the key. Each insurance company has different terms and conditions, so check with yours first. Also, bear in mind that claiming this insurance could affect your no claims bonus.

Some insurance companies offer a key cover policy as a premium add-on, Within this, they can replace your car keys, but it is often as a result of paying extra on top of your vehicle insurance. Meanwhile, other insurers offer key cover as a standalone policy, though some do not care when it involves theft. Then, some use the services of automotive locksmiths.

Franchised Dealership

Turning to your vehicle dealership may be the most expensive option and can be the longest route to getting a car key replacement. Unlike auto locksmiths, car dealers may not have the special tools to tackle the situation and won’t be able to come to you–you have to go to them.

The dealership franchise may have to order in the key blank, which could take a few days. Most of them also do not have the necessary key programming and diagnostic equipment on site. Before they get round to these variables, time may already be far spent, and you could be missing out on something big.

Call 245 Service Locksmiths

Calling an automotive locksmith is not just the fastest way to get a car key replacement, but also the cheapest. We come to your location using the quickest means possible, bringing the right gear to enable you to get back into your car in a matter of minutes!

Don’t panic, do not try to burgle your own car or attempt smashing a window. We will get the job done in a way that won’t damage your four-wheel drive, so all you need do is relax and ring us.