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245 Service is a blend of energies and influences that symbolize cooperation, collaborating, harmony, teamwork, duality and trust when it comes to dealing with locksmiths in [post_title]. We are the angel number in the physical and electronic security markets, enabling you to access top-quality technicians in a convenient, fruitful and affordable way.

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Apart from your passwords, fingerprint scans and facial recognition tech, locks almost define the everyday contemporary life. From leaving your house to igniting the engine of your million-dollar automobile and accessing the restricted quarters of your chic office building, the relationship between a key and a keyhole is very much evident.

Physical and electronic [or automatic] security systems have become the mainstay of present-day safety and privacy. So, rather than paying a wannabe smith off the street to cater for your lock tech, it is better to work with a reputable company with all the credentials, experience and expertise to render topnotch service.

245 Service is a blend of energies and influences that symbolize cooperation, collaborating, harmony, teamwork, duality and trust when it comes to dealing with locksmiths. We are the angel number in the physical and electronic security markets, enabling you to access top-quality technicians in a convenient, fruitful and affordable way.



What Do We Do?

Car Lockout Los Angeles

Car Lockout

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Commercial Locksmith Los Angeles

Commercial Locksmith

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Emergency Locksmith Los Angeles

Emergency Locksmith

It would be priceless if we could predict the future. There will be no room for surprising tire blowouts and accidental damages of household appliances.

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House Lockout Los Angeles

House Lockout

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Locks Change Los Angeles

Locks Change

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Locks Rekey Los Angeles

Locks Rekey

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Residential Locksmith Los Angeles

Residential Locksmith

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Safes Locksmith

Forget your door locks, window seals and an endless copy of keys; a safe is the one place where even tech-forward burglars won’t be able

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Mobile Locksmith Team

Mobile is our strong
As one of the frontrunners in the industry, being mobile is our strong suit. Because we want to be where you want us whenever you need us, we have a standby team of locksmiths and technicians ready to start work on your project with immediate effect. We take the hassles of prolonged communication and extended waiting times away from the mix to make sure you have the smoothest ever locksmith service experience.
Most of all, experinced
At 245 Service we strive to be at the echelon of each of our departments. For one, our locksmiths are vetted, verified, licensed, insured, well-trained and most of all, experienced. With a repertoire of the proper skill sets and the right work attitude, there is no doubt your house, business, vehicle or safe won’t get the professional treatment they deserve.
The most appropriate tools
We don’t just start clamping our way into your metal at the first time of asking. Once we quickly arrive at the site, we run diagnostics and communicate with you to understand the challenge at hand. Our locksmith pros then get to work with the most appropriate tools and the right orientation to get the issues fixed in the shortest possible time.
Home or Business
We are not all about the money, because we understand the essence of customer satisfaction. Our on-site team, as well as our in-house reps, will keep communication open so we can best understand the kind of value you want for your home or business lock systems. We use only quality materials for repairs and from-scratch projects, so the longevity of service is guaranteed.

Every Kind
Of Lock


Thanks to our years of experience and commitment to in-depth practice, we are suited to handle any kind and scale of physical or electronic security projects. Our technicians are equally up to the task for custom designs, tailored installations and specified tweaks to existing entry and exit control systems. We keep tabs with the latest industry trends to know the best and most recent solutions befitting various aspects of our work.

Did you just buy a new home or move into a temporary building with your family? Either way, you are going to want to feel safe and secure. Do you want a complete lock system change or a few changes here and there to your taste? Do you need access control systems, locks change, locks rekey or emergency access systems? Say no more. 245 Service is one of the best locksmith companies you can work with.

Perhaps it is a new or existing commercial building of yours whose present security you need to look into. Are you unsure of what to do or the kind of protection your business needs? Don’t fret; that’s why we are experts. We will do the homework for you, lay the groundwork, and allow you to see whether our suggestions tick all the boxes. Or, if you have ideas of your own, we can put two and two together to create the right lock system for your business.

Whether you are stranded in the middle of probably nowhere, stuck in traffic or held up in your own garage because you can’t get into your four-wheel drive, we will come to us as quickly as possible. Thanks to the competence of our automotive locksmiths in [post_title], the problem will be unravelled to get you back on the road in no time.

Basically, whatever the project, wherever the place, however the scale and whenever we are wanted, with 245 Service, successful delivery is a given.

Get Your Rest Of Mind

You can’t just trust the protection and security of your home or business in the hands of anyone. Homeowners and businesspersons are constantly on the lookout for security installations by reputable companies who do not just do it right but can also be trusted not to leave weak spots or loopholes around. We do a thorough job and endeavour to leave no mistakes behind.

You can also trust us to create sophisticated protection systems for you. Irrespective on the way you want it, the nature of the property or how long the task takes to complete 245 Service makes sure that when we are finished, you will have that much-deserved peace of mind-derived satisfaction in your home and place of work.

What’s more, our services are quite affordable, because that’s one way we stay ahead of the competition, though we do not sacrifice quality for quantity. So you do not have to worry about pricey quotes, costly go-betweens hire and extra fees. We take care of all and sundry but leave you with a reasonable charge, one that doesn’t rip a hole in your pocket or bank account.

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245 Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Having us on your speed dial is also another way to get your rest of mind because you know we will come swiftly when you call, regardless of the situation.

Until you finally give us a call for that small or big project, we look forward to working with you.

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