Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Should Know

If my keys are stolen or get misplaced, must I change my locks?

Unless you can afford it at the time, it isn’t really necessary. You can just rekey them so the old key no longer works

Is 245 Service really open 24/7?

Absolutely! We know emergencies can arise, so we don’t close for Christmas or New Year. We can even schedule appointments in the middle of the night.

After you pick my locks, will they still work?

We do not damage during our repairs. If we pick the locks of your house or car, it will still be in good condition, unless it was already damaged before we arrived.

How long does it take to get back into my house?

The earlier you let us know the situation on hand, the better. Depending on your location, we should be able to get to you and unlock your door in 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Can my insurance company pay you?

Sure, why not? If your insurance provider covers locksmith services, you can submit the receipt to them for reimbursement.

Is it possible for all the doors in my house to use the same key?

Yes it is. If you have one key in mind, we can simply rekey all the locks so that one key can work for all of them.

Is it true locksmiths have a master key that can open any lock?

No, that’s fictitious. A master key is only able to open the locks that it was designed to. Anything outside is futile.

What is a proximity key?

Proximity keys are also called smart keys, keyless go, push to start, electronic access and intelligent keys. Basically they are not physical.

Can I purchase lock sets that are keyed alike?

Yes, 245 Service can key lock sets together.

Is it all locks that can be picked?

No. Not all locks are prone to picks. Some are designed to be high-security and pick-resistant.