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245 Service is one of the leading locksmith services nearest to you. If you know better than hiring a handyman without a background check, working with us would be the best decision you will ever make for the physical and electronic security of your home or business.

A relatively small but capable team just minutes away from your security project, we take pride in offering some of the best locksmith services in the industry. Not to brag or throw puns, but we have this business on lock! Customer satisfaction, maximum protection and work responsibility are at the core of our business orientation.

We understand what it means to buy a new home, purchase a commercial building or suffer a break-in attempt. Because of that, we have put ourselves in the position where you can easily reach out to us anytime you want, and we will come to serve you wherever you are. No excuses.

Choosing the right locksmith service, to be fair, can be a scary experience. That’s because you want to trust a technician to come into your living or working space to make it a lot safer. But many companies and homeowners end up in unqualified hands, in which situations their security may become even more compromised.

245 Service is your trusted advisor for anything related to locks. Not only will you feel safe and secure with our professionals who care for your property, but will also feel relaxed knowing the situation will be treated with the right attitude and mindset to realize the highest possible quality work.

After years of studying the locksmith industry and understanding what it is lacking, we decided to start this company to bring transparency and integrity into the mix. Per our vision, we always put our backs into giving our clients the complete big picture as far as it concerns their security and privacy.

Our team also designs thoughtful solutions in line with the current demand of the market, mainly to address the individual needs of our customers. We do not charge the lowest price in the sector; neither do we charge the highest. We stay competitive with our pricing but do not do so at the detriment of anything, not even the equipment we use to work on your project.

Our prices are always fair because we charge you what we know is going to bring the most satisfying results. We have some of the top-rated technicians on board to make you never ever think of problems with delivery. Our solutions are understandable even to the layman and being quick with the way we offer them is what sets us apart from the crowd. 



245 Service’s employees share a common belief, that: integrity and quality work are the main drivers of any business. Our clients very well deserve to be treated the way we would treat our loved ones and wellwishers. When we quote you a price for your locks facelift or routine maintenance, we give you the price you should be given.



When we say we will be at your location within the hour, rest assured you won’t wait for longer. Also, as we know that accidents like lost keys and lockouts do not have business hours, we do not put a limit on the hours we ourselves operate.

Specialized Services Anytime

Residential Locksmith Los Angeles

Apart from the management of the many possible complexities and hazards associated with industrial and business systems, commercial buildings should not lose sight of the fact that the repair or replacement installation of a security system will have diverse effects on their employees or the commercial entities they are servicing.

As locksmiths that have long standing relationships with different businesses, we have had the opportunity of working with most lock manufacturers who let us keep tabs with the new and perhaps more sophisticated technology and product they inculcate into their products from time to time. This way, we are able to bring only the most robust and most advanced safety options to your doorsteps.

Similarly, we can open, repair, and install just about any kind of locks, from a selection of the most reputable producers. Our experienced locksmiths know the most effective solution to employ for each sort of problem. They can present you with separate keys to spaces with a constrained entrance. They will also tell you the best way to safeguard your keys from going missing, becoming faulty or falling down an abyss of no return.

You can’t put all your locked eggs in the basket on one agency that simply repairs and offers basic security service. The proper locksmith company is the one with staff that go beyond the basics to help you protect your property from criminal and unfortunate attempts. Not only should they be able to provide a broader range of service, but must also know these individual aspects quite well.

Should a locksmith agency be specialized in more than one area, they are the better option for your home and business lock setup because they know the parallels. Nevertheless, 245 Service specializes in different lock-related specialities, whether residential, commercial or a little of both in one project.

Because we want to prove our worth and become your best locksmith friends, we are eager to help you out when the time comes. Until then!